Teachers get paid up to 8 weeks earlier.

  • Free Payroll Advances
  • 0.5% Debit Card Cashback
  • 3.0% APY Interest
  • FDIC insured up to $250K, No Monthly Fees or Minimums
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Our Partners

Grit is a technology company with deep financial expertise. It provides its service by using the power of technology that keeps its cost structure low and orchestrates the capabilities of a number of world class partners.

Grit Financial FAQs

What is a Grit FDIC Insured Account?

With a Grit Account, you will have an account at an FDIC Insured bank that is accessible via a routing number and account number just like a bank account.  Your funds are also accessible via a VISA Debit Card just like a bank account.

How does Grit work?

By signing up for a Grit VISA debit card, you’ll have access to all the powerful tools we collect from best-in-class providers. The benefits are Free Payroll Advances, 3% APY Interest Earnings, 0.5% Cashback, FDIC insurance up to $250K, access to the largest ATM network in America (NCR AllPoint) Credit Score monitoring (and future state: modelling & boosting, all without affecting your credit score negatively), and we’re still growing our suite of powerful money management suite of tools! 

Why should we trust Grit? 

Grit is an extremely secure platform as we are regulated by US Banking Laws, and we’re constantly audited by one of the largest law firms, Goodwin Procter, to ensure we’re in compliance. We’re also partnered with the CFSB, which ensures we’re FDIC insured up to $250K, and certified by software regulators like SOC2 and PCI compliance. All of our partners are regulated entities and upheld to the highest certifications possible (like Amazon’s AWS and Persona’s KYC

What is a VISA debit Card?  

This is not a Visa gift card or prepaid card. A VISA Debit Card is just like a bank account’s card.  You get a routing #, an account # and can withdraw and add funds like any other bank card. The VISA debit card is simply the product name for Grit’s card program. 

Grit Financial's mission is to reinvent banking for working Americans.

It’s not fair that only the wealthy are offered financial privileges.

Our passion is to service everyone and provide financial equity across the board.

We offer advantages that many of the upper echelon receive: cashback rewards, high interest earnings and have early access to their paychecks so you can start earning, saving, and paying off debt quicker.

Ready to take control of your PayDay?

Teachers in Texas don’t get paid for up to 8 weeks, making it hard to budget, save and have enough cash flow.
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
Week 7
Week 8

*Grit can pay you within 1 business day from when you worked
**Teacher’s Pay Day – you’re not paid until every 6-8 weeks

Note: 3 months of employment payroll history, switching your payroll direct deposit to your Grit account and employment verification is required.

Grit helps you equip your classroom with essentials for learning.

It Pays to Use Grit

When you sign up for Grit, you get 0.5% cash back on purchases, so it really does pay to use your Grit Card – especially when you need to stock up on classroom essentials!

Grit also offers advanced access to your earnings, so you can ensure your bills get paid and that you’re able to build an emergency savings fund for a more secure financial future. We’ll also offer financial education as we build our ever-growing suite of tools, so you can advance your personal knowledge bank and continue thriving.

The best part? It’s free to use***.

How Free Payroll Advances Work

Connect your Grit account with your bank account and you’ll gain access to earned wages within 24 hours, at no charge.
When you sign up for Grit, you’ll receive:

A Grit Visa Debit Card

Access to the Grit app and a growing suite of smart money management tools.

Request earned wage payments when you need them.
When you sign up for Grit, we sync up with your employer’s paycycle, so we can give you advance access to your earned wages.

Through the Grit app, users get up to 60% of their earned wages, at no charge**. Earned wages are made available when you sign up for a Grit card and after you’ve completed your direct deposit switch. Requesting an earned wage payment does not affect your credit score.

Note: 3 months of employment payroll history, switching your payroll direct deposit to your Grit account and employment verification is required.

How to use Grit

Direct Deposits + Purchases

By switching your payroll direct deposit to Grit, you’ll not only get early wage access, you’ll also receive 0.5% cashback on purchases using your Grit Card* and access withdrawals from our ATM network**.
How to repay earned wage advances

An earned wage advance is collected at the end of the pay period. Grit withdraws the advance from your paycheck and the remaining amount is transferred to your bank account.

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Early Wage Access

With Grit Visa Debit Card, you can request up to 60% of your gross earnings per pay period with our no-fee, wage advances*.

Note: 3 months of employment payroll history, switching your payroll direct deposit to your Grit account and employment verification is required.

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0.5% Cashback on Purchases

It pays to use your Grit Card! Earn cashback every time you make a purchase with your Grit Card**.

No minimum purchase required. 

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Say Goodbye to Late or Overdraft Fees
Access your wages early so you can avoid fees. The average American who incurs these fees pays $313 and $322 respectively on late and overdraft fees.
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Receive your pay up to 36 hours early
Grit will deposit your pay into your bank account up to 36 hours prior to normal direct deposits.

Wendy Oliver

A seasoned lawyer and legal compliance expert specializing in the financial sector, Wendy has worked in large law firms and as in-house counsel for companies such as Bank of America and OnPoint Credit Union, and educational institutions such as the University of Chicago and Duke University. She’s also worked at a fintech startup, a consumer lender and a large credit union, as well as running her own practice advising financial institutions.
Well-versed in the ins and outs of disclosures and agreements, contracts and corporate matters, Wendy is most excited about helping others to achieve financial stability, something she had to grapple with herself in her younger years and as a law student. Her goal is to ensure Grit’s financial wellness tools not only help people through financial emergencies, but also establish long-term habits for financial success.
How she got her financial grit: “In college, when I was living off loans and part-time work, I had a budget and that really helped me. After college and law school I had loans to pay. Budgeting and understanding where your money goes can really make a difference in your financial security.”


  • General Counsel, OnPoint Credit Union
  • Chief Compliance Officer, Aven
  • Asst. General Counsel, Bank of America
  • Duke, U. of Mich, U of Chicago


  • Led compliance function for the industry’s first Home Equity backed Credit Card
  • First GC at Oregon’s largest credit union preparing institution for crossing $10B threshold


  • 30+ years of experience in Banking Legal and Compliance including Startups, Scale Players, & Regional Players