Our Partners

Grit is a technology company with deep financial expertise. It provides its service by using the power of technology to keeps it cost structure low and orchestrate the capabilities of a number of world class partners. This gives our customers the ultimate combination – services from proven corporations along with unbeatable rewards which drive greater financial health.


Our partners include:

Corecard (NYSE: CCRD)

Corecard has been in the card processing business for over 25 years and is used by a large number of financial institutions for card services with its best know customer being Apple who uses Corecard to power the Apple Card. 


CFSB is our banking partner. All of our customers’ accounts are held at CFSB. CFSB gives us full access to the US Banking system.


Grit is part of the VISA fintech fastrack program. Beyond providing Grit with a Payment Network, VISA provides Grit with overall business support as part the VISA Fastrack program.

Transunion (NYSE:TRU)

Grit provides customers with information about their credit scores and options to improve their overall credit rating through its partnership with Transunion.

Transunion is one of the 3 large consumer credit bureaus.


NCR is largest ATM manufacturer in the world and operates the largest Fee- Free ATM network in the US. NCR is Grit’s partner for providing fee-free ATM services to our customers. This includes a number of locations where customers can make cash deposits to their Grit Account.

Plaid provides a safe way for Grit to connect to our customers’ external bank accounts. Plaid is used by thousands of financial firms.

Goodwin is one of the largest law firms in the world with almost 2,000 lawyers. Grit relies on Goodwin to review all its processes and ensure that we maintain tight compliance with all applicable

Wendy Oliver

A seasoned lawyer and legal compliance expert specializing in the financial sector, Wendy has worked in large law firms and as in-house counsel for companies such as Bank of America and OnPoint Credit Union, and educational institutions such as the University of Chicago and Duke University. She’s also worked at a fintech startup, a consumer lender and a large credit union, as well as running her own practice advising financial institutions.
Well-versed in the ins and outs of disclosures and agreements, contracts and corporate matters, Wendy is most excited about helping others to achieve financial stability, something she had to grapple with herself in her younger years and as a law student. Her goal is to ensure Grit’s financial wellness tools not only help people through financial emergencies, but also establish long-term habits for financial success.
How she got her financial grit: “In college, when I was living off loans and part-time work, I had a budget and that really helped me. After college and law school I had loans to pay. Budgeting and understanding where your money goes can really make a difference in your financial security.”


  • General Counsel, OnPoint Credit Union
  • Chief Compliance Officer, Aven
  • Asst. General Counsel, Bank of America
  • Duke, U. of Mich, U of Chicago


  • Led compliance function for the industry’s first Home Equity backed Credit Card
  • First GC at Oregon’s largest credit union preparing institution for crossing $10B threshold


  • 30+ years of experience in Banking Legal and Compliance including Startups, Scale Players, & Regional Players